Incident at St.Mary's Island, August 2006, Picture Courtsey of Adrian Don



2003 - Including our current record for most callouts in one day!

Initial Response Team Calls - 110        Backup Response Team Calls - 4

110/03 - 30th December 21.31h IRT

Called by Humber Coastguard to prepare the helicopter landing site for Rescue 131, but stood down almost immediately as the helicopter was diverted to Wansbeck Hospital

109/03 - 14th December 06.31h IRT

Paged to attend an incident of a man threatening to jump from the quay upstream of St Peter's Basin. Tynemouth Inshore Lifeboat, the Fireboat and Police helicopter were also in attendance. Eventually he talked into the custody of the Police by the negotiator, and arrested for being Drunk and Disorderly.

108/03 - 6th December 13.27h IRT

Paged by Coastguard to attend an incident of an overturned speed boat in the Tyne near the Black Midden rocks. Crew from Tynemouth lifeboat were already on station, and thanks to a very quick launch of the inshore lifeboat they were able to recover two persons from the water. Upon arrival at the Fish Quay Sands (the nearest point for Ambulance access) urgent help was requested from TVLB as one of the casualties was not breathing, apparently drowned. By resuscitation and use of the oxygen therapy, this person was revived and then escorted to hospital in the Ambulance along with a member of the TVLB who had been asked to assist. The casualty had to be revived once more before being handed over the medical staff, who had also to revive him before transfer to intensive care. TVLB watched along with a Police officer for the wreckage of the boat, and at low water a sweep of the rocks located various parts of the boat with the broken hull found wedged under some rocks. As much wreckage as possible was recovered until forced back by the rising tide. Police were contacted to review the debris. Man eventually declared dead on Sunday evening. Debris was delivered to the Police in case of any further investigation

107/03 - 5th December 19.30h IRT

During the TVLB's Annual Smoking Concert, the team were paged to attend an incident of a man threatening to jump from the Priory. It was initially thought that the person was on the cliffs over the water, but he turned out to be on the main gate house of the Priory. He was eventually talked down into the custody of the Police, and received treatment for wounds sustained as he had climbed up the ruin.

106/03 - 1st December 03.30h IRT

Called to urgently attend the RVI helicopter landing site as the Search and Rescue helicopter was due at 04.00 hrs, the team quickly assembled and arrived at HLS before the aircraft, and the site was cleared and prepared. The helicopter landed safely, and an injured woman from H.M.S. Ark Royal was transferred to the awaiting Ambulance.

105/03 - 30th November 04.30h IRT

Called at about 23.30 hrs by HMCG with advance warning of helicopter landing at Freeman, the team to meet the aircraft was organised, and HMCG called them when helicopter took off from Manchester. Eventually called at 04.20 hrs, helicopter landed at 05.05 hrs and a baby in a incubator was moved with the aid of the helicopters winch to the awaiting Ambulance.

104/03 - 28th November 02.22h IRT + BRT

Paged by HMCG to attend an incident of a person in the water from the Swing Bridge, Newcastle Quayside. Police were treating incident as "suspicious" and all available Police were questioning witnesses. IRT team immediately initiated a Backup Response Team callout, 17 men eventually searched the River and it's banks, while Tynemouth Inshore Lifeboat searched the river, along with one of the police boats, until stood down at 05.20 hrs, sadly with nothing found. A mans body identified as that of the missing person was recovered over 2 weeks later from the Tyne.

103/03 - 23rd November 23.30h IRT

Paged to prepare the RVI Helicopter landing site for Rescue 131 that was bringing a person that had fallen from the cliff at Seaham. The person was transferred from the helicopter to the Ambulance, the brigade then transferred the RAF personnel and equipment from the hospital back to the helicopter

102/03 - 23rd November 12.20h IRT

During incident 101 the team were called to attend an incident of a boat in trouble with a rope on its propeller on the River Tyne in the Jarrow area. Tynemouth Inshore Lifeboat had also been tasked to this incident. While on route, the TVLB were stood down as there were enough resources on scene to cope with incident

101/03 - 23rd November 10.22h IRT

Called to man the RVI Helicopter landing site for Rescue 131 that was bringing a worker from an offshore oil installation to the RVI with suspected appendix problems. After some delays the aircraft eventually arrived and he was safely transferred to the Ambulance.

100/03 - 9th November 14.20h IRT

Humber Coastguard paged the TVLB to investigate a 999 call reporting a person in the water next to a moored boat off St. Mary's Island in Whitley Bay. Members of the team arrived and found that the 'person' was actually a buoy used to mark the mooring point. A false alarm with good intent

099/03 - 8th November 18.50h IRT + BRT

Paged after Humber Coastguard were contacted by the police reporting that there was possibly a suicidal man at Cullercoats. He had been involved in an argument with his girlfriend, and had threatened to jump off a cliff. The full Backup Response Team was mobilised, and began an extensive search of the local area in conjunction with the police. After an hour, and with a second search by the police helicopter, the team were allowed to stand down. A total of 17 men were on the search

098/03 - 7th November 21.30h IRT

TVLB were called by Humber Coastguard to provide helicopter landing site duties at the Richardson Road HLS, as Rescue 128 was due carrying a medical team and their equipment from Leicester hospital. The team were coming to Newcastle to collect a baby with severe lung problems, and were due to take it back to Leicester for treatment. The TVLB team arrived on scene at 22.30h , and the landing site had to be cleared of a large collection of spent fireworks, beer cans, and the remains of small bonfires, all left from the Guy Fawkes celebration. These items could all prove to be hazardous to the landing of the aircraft, as well as being a trip hazard to the team carrying a seriously ill baby. We were expecting the aircraft at 23.00h, but due to an extended flight time, it did not arrive until 23.30h, and the medical team were assisted with their extensive range of equipment into the waiting ambulance, and the aircraft then flew to Newcastle airport for refuelling. The TVLB stood by at Newcastle General Hospital while the baby was stabilised in ICU ready for the flight, which was done by 01.00h, and the HLS was again manned ready for the second landing of 128.The child, medical staff and equipment were safely transferred to the Sea King helicopter, which then departed, expecting a 1 ½ hour flight to the Leicester hospital. The TVLB team returned to station, and finally signed off to Coastguard at 0230h, 4 ½ hours after we had left the Watchouse.

097/03 - 28th October 15.30h IRT

Paged by Coastguard after a request from the RAF to provide helicopter landing support at the RVI site in Newcastle. A woman had sustained severe right leg injuries from a branch that her dog had been pulling while walking near Wylam golf course, and the paramedics on scene requested air support to remove her from the remote site. The TVLB provided a safe landing area, and a quick transfer from the helicopter to the ambulance, allowing the aircraft to head to an emergency in the Lake District.

096/03 - 27th October 13.10h IRT

Paged by Humber Coastguard to investigate a report of an emergency positioning beacon washed up on Whitley Bay beach. The distress beacon was old, and had been in the water for some time, and was taken away from the beach for disposal

095/03 - 21st October 22.45h IRT

Paged by Humber Coastguard to attend an incident at the High Level Bridge in Newcastle, where a man was threatening suicide. Tynemouth Inshore Lifeboat were also sent to the scene, and the man was eventually talked down to safety, and then taken to hospital by ambulance

094/03 - 19th October 12.55h IRT

Paged by Coastguard after a request from the North Tyneside lifeguards for assistance with an incident on Tynemouth Longsands. A woman in her mid 60s had been hit by part of a kite surfers rig, knocking her to the ground. The North East Air Ambulance was also sent to the scene, and the paramedic onboard assessed the woman's injuries. It was then decided to use the TVLB Landrover to transport the woman on a scoop stretcher to a waiting paramedic unit for transfer to hospital.

093/03 - 17th October 15.55h IRT

Called by Coastguard to investigate a suspicious drum washed up on Tynemouth beach. On arrival it was found to be an empty plastic oil can with rope attached, that is used to mark lobster pots. Coastguard was advised of this, and the can and rope was disposed of safely.

092/03 - 15th October 19.00h IRT

Called by Coastguard to investigate a report of an oil slick by the quayside after a fire near the railway bridge crossing the Tyne. As a team on call to the Maritime Coastguard Agency, we are also on call to deal with any environmental or pollution issues, which this was suspected to be. The Fire Rescue team on scene were able to confirm that there had not been a spillage, and the TVLB were stood down.

091/03 - 12th October 11.05h IRT

The TVLB were requested to meet a broken down yacht that was being towed to the Royal Quays Marina by Tynemouth lifeboat, to check the medical condition of the occupants and take details.

090/03 - 11th October 13.10h IRT

The TVLB and Cullercoats lifeboat were paged after a fishing boat with engine failure fired a red flare as it drifted towards rocks off Browns Bay in Cullercoats. Before the lifeboat arrived, the casualty vessel was dragged away from the rocks by another local boat, before the owner passed the tow line to the Cullercoats crew, who began to tow them to Blyth harbour. The TVLB were asked to keep the tow in sight in case of any problems, and the boat was eventually passed to another boat heading to Blyth that knew the skipper of the casualty. All teams returned and stood down

089/03 - 10th October 19.10h IRT

A woman out walking in Cullercoats called the Coastguard after spotting what she thought was a red distress flare off the coast. On investigation, and after talking to shipping in the area, it was decided that it had possibly been reflected/refracted moonlight, meteorite activity, or aircraft lights reflecting on low cloud. The woman was relieved that it was not someone in danger, and was thanked for her efforts. A false alarm with good intent.

088/03 - 24th September 07.00h IRT

After receiving a 999 call from a paperboy in South Shields reporting what he thought was a red flare north of the Tyne, the TVLB were paged to investigate and report to Coastguard. After an extensive search of the sea from the land, on an exceptionally calm day, nothing was found. It was decided that this was a false alarm with good intent.

087/03 - 21st September 13.55h IRT

Tasked to work alongside Tynemouth ILB who had been called to assist a 16 foot fishing boat that had broken down with a fouled propeller. As the TVLB looked on, the lifeboat took the boat under tow and brought it safely to Tynemouth Haven, where the Brigade met them. A member of the lifeboat crew cleared the prop, before the boat was escorted back to its berth upriver.

086/03 - 18th September 17.50h IRT

Cullercoats lifeboat and the Brigade were tasked to an incident offshore near St. Mary's lighthouse, were a jet-ski had broken down. After the engine had seized, the owner had called coastguard by mobile phone, but was then unreachable due to his location in the sea. Both he and his two young children were taken onboard the lifeboat, and the jet-ski was towed back to Cullercoats. The TVLB were asked to advise the owner to the dangers of only relying on a mobile phone when out at sea, as the phone masts are almost exclusively based on land. Admittedly it is impractical to fit a marine radio to a jet-ski, but there are waterproof hand-held models available that can be stowed safely onboard, and can prove to be invaluable in an emergency

085/03 - 15th September 01.45h IRT

Humber Coastguard received a request from the RAF to provide a team to prepare the helicopter landing site at in Newcastle, as the Sea King from Boulmer was on its way to pick up a woman with a suspected heart attack from the passenger ferry from Norway. The aircraft was due to land at 03.00h, but as the team arrived at 02.00h and radioed Humber, we were informed that the aircraft had been slowed by a headwind, and was now due at 04.00h. It was decided that if we went back home to bed for an hour, there was a possibility that we might not get back out again, so the opinion was that if we dozed uncomfortably in our cars, we would at least get some rest, but be alert enough to provide HLS support on time. (I personally found out how hard it is to sleep in my car, and how little there is on the radio at 3am) The aircraft landed at 03.55h, and it was again shown how important it is for the TVLB to attend these landing sites, as three university students returning from their night out were stopped as they tried to walk up to the aircraft. The rotor blades were still turning at near full speed, and one of the young girls was being carried on the back of her friend, which could have had tragic consequences had they actually made their way to the helicopter.

084/03 - 10th September 07.50h IRT

After a report of a small fishing boat aground near St. Mary's Lighthouse, the TVLB were paged alongside Cullercoats RNLI to assist. It had become stranded while lifting lobster pots, and with the assistance of Cullercoats crew, was recovered, and after safety checks was allowed to continue with its work.

083/03 - 4th September 13.00h IRT + BRT

A woman was found unconscious in Marden Quarry (a local nature reserve) by the Police Helicopter, Police and the Quarry Project Manager. An ambulance was called, but because of the difficulty of getting to her the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade with their all terrain vehicle was requested to assist in the removal of the casualty and the Backup Respone Team was called to assist in any carrying of the casualty, which they proceeded to do using the vehicle as a makeshift ambulance. The casualty was taken to Rake Lane hospital.

082/03 - 3rd September 12.30h IRT

HM Coastguard paged the TVLB to provide support as Cullercoats lifeboat were towing a boat that had broken down. This was done, and the boat was brought ashore safely.

081/03 - 1st September 18.44h IRT

The Brigade were paged to attend an incident at Marconi point after reports that a teenage boy was drowning in the sea. On arrival it was found that he had been able to gain the shore himself but was reported to be having breathing difficulties. In the interest of his own safety, he was taken by the ambulance to hospital for a check up.

080/03 - 1st September 12.10h IRT

HM Coastguard requested that the TVLB assist with the recovery of a speedboat in the Tyne which was being towed by Tynemouth inshore lifeboat. Once the pleasure craft was safe alongside the quay, details were taken and passed to Humber CG.

079/03 - 28th August 18.40h IRT

The team had to abandon the display after Humber Coastguard radioed the TVLB mobile requesting that they make their way to the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle, as Police had advised them that there was a naked man jumping in and out of the water. On arrival it was found that the man, who had been drinking, had been balancing on the barriers protecting the bridge from river traffic, falling in on a regular basis. The police requested that the man swim to the shore, and climb to the quayside, where he was taken into custody. The TVLB were stood down and returned to station.

078/03 - 28th August 18.00h IRT

The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade were paged after Humber Coastguard received a 999 call reporting youths jumping from the sea wall into the sea north of Cullercoats harbour. The TVLB responded, and found that the 4 youths had moved from the sea wall to the north pier, and were playing in the waves breaking it. This is an extremely dangerous area to play in, especially in rough seas, as the persons were being forced towards the rocks used to repair the breach in the pier a few years ago. This has previously resulted in serious head injuries to others playing in the surf in that area. The teenagers were advised as to the danger they were putting themselves in, and advised that they would be safer playing on the shoreward side of the piers. The vehicle then returned to station to meet with a group of local Cubs, who had been expecting to be shown the rescue equipment carried in the vehicle.

077/03 - 22nd August 13.00h IRT

Called to prepare the helicopter landing site at Newcastle, as the Sea King from Boulmer was inbound from Hexham with a young female casualty. The landing site was prepared, and the casualty transferred to the waiting ambulance.

076/03 - 21st August 19.10h IRT

Humber Coastguard paged the TVLB Initial Response Team after they received a 999 call reporting a missing swimmer off Tynemouth Longsands. The swimmer was from a party of three in training for a cross channel swim, and had become separated from them. His two companions made their way to the shore, and a member of the public (a retired fireman) raised the alarm. On arrival, the first member of the initial response team spoke to the swimmers and the first informant, confirming where he was last seen. It was at this point that some distance along the beach, a man in swimming trunks was spotted making his way to the south end of the beach. He was confirmed as the missing swimmer, and was found not to require medical attention, and the team were stood down after details were taken

075/03 - 16th August 16.30h IRT

Paged by Coastguard after reports of two people in difficulties in the sea at Tynemouth Longsands. On arrival it was found that the couple had been brought back to the shore by a jet-skier who spotted them in trouble off shore. They were met on the beach by the TVLB and beach lifeguards, where details were taken.

074/03 - 16th August xx.xxh IRT

Tynemouuth Volunteer Life Brigade were asked to attend the Freeman Hospital landing site, where the RAF rescue helicopter was inbound after airlifting a woman who had suffered a suspected stroke on board one of the passenger ferries. The casualty and her husband were helped from the aircraft and to the waiting ambulance, before transport to hospital.

073/03 - 14th August 17.11h IRT

Later on patrol at King Edwards Bay, the Brigade was asked by the Coastguard to make its way immediately to St. Mary's Island where it was reported 5 persons were attempting to make their way back to land on the causeway through high tide, while their may be others stuck on the Island. The Brigade team was also informed that Cullercoats ILB had been paged and was expected to launch within minutes. On arrival it was seen that the 5 persons in the sea had returned to the Island, where they were waiting with another 4 persons. On the lifeboat's arrival the 9 persons seemed to attempt to hide from the lifeboats view by hiding around the Island and after speaking to some of the people on the land the brigade was able to establish that the Children had wandered out in the sea towards the lighthouse. After some words from the Lifeboat crew, the 9 teenagers agreed to be taken off the Island and they were dropped off on Whitley Bay beach. Details of the 9 teenagers were then passed on to Coastguard and Cullercoats ILB and the Mobile returned to its Patrol.

072/03 - 14th August 14.40h IRT

The team, on patrol, were asked to make their way to the rocks at the base of Marconi Point, where some children were playing, not realising the danger they were in from the tide and waves. The Cullercoats Beach Lifeguard rescue boat was asked to make their way to the children and advise them to move to a safer position to play, which they were more than happy to do.

071/03 - 13th August 21.45h IRT

A man was spotted by a member of the TVLB, who was heading home after training, entering the water below the Spanish Battery, heading seaward. He made his way 10 meters out before resting on rocks just off the headland, Coastguard were advised and the Tynemouth Inshore Lifeboat requested. On arrival, the lifeboat crew were authorised by the police officer in charge on scene to remove the man from the rocks he was sitting on by whatever means necessary without putting the crew at risk. He was transported to the passenger ferry landing, and passed into the care of the police.

070/03 - 12th August 21.25h IRT

Paged by HM Coastguard to attend a request by the Police to an incident in Cullercoats harbour were some youths were seen in the water in the vicinity of some moored fishing boats. The people on the boats made their own way to shore as the police arrived, and managed to escape from the area.

069/03 - 7th August 16.05h IRT

Called by Coastguard while on patrol to assist with an incident at Cullercoats, where a boy had fallen from the pier and sustained a severe head injury. The team arrived and assisted with medical care on the casualty, before he was taken to hospital by ambulance.

068/03 - 6th August 17.20h IRT

While on their way back from the incident at Whitley Bay, the team was called to assist with a woman who was having a panic attack at Cullercoats Bay. The team arrived and assisted with medical care.

This was the 7th and final incident of the day marking what will long be remembered as one of the busiest days in the Brigade's modern history.

067/03 - 6th August 16.10h IRT

Tasked to an incident on Whitley Bay beach, where a young girl had fallen awkwardly and possibly broken her ankle. She was assessed on scene by the TVLB rescue team, and it was thought not to be broken, but as a precaution she was transferred up the beach in the Landrover with a vacuum splint fitted. She was then transferred to an ambulance for transport to hospital.

066/03 - 6th August 15.30h IRT

Called to King Edwards Bay for missing child number 4, this time an 11 year old girl who hadn't been seen for nearly an hour. The team began a search with the beach lifeguards, who were also very busy with all of the swimmers in the bay, and the girl was quickly found. She was reunited with her mother, and warned about the dangers of wandering off not only by the TVLB, but also by her mother, at length.

065/03 - 6th August 15.00h IRT

Some of the team decided to keep the vehicle out on patrol, due to the high volume of visitors to the coast, and the risk of more calls on our services. During this, they were called to search for our third missing child of the day, but were almost immediately stood down as the child had been found.

064/03 - 6th August 14.05h IRT

During the earlier search, the team was asked to assist in another at the other end of the beach, as a family, who had seen the commotion of the missing child, realised that they had lost sight of their 4 year old. The youngster was quickly found safe and well

063/03 - 6th August 13.50h IRT

Paged by HMCG to attend an incident of a missing 4 year old child on Tynemouth Longsands. The child was found by Lifeguards and re-united with his parents. One of the main problems during this rescue was due to the large volume of illegally parked cars on the ramps to the beach, making it very difficult to actually get to the incident scene. (And one badly parked car, owned by Captain Dave, was hit by Captain Will driving the Brigade Landrover…what are yellow lines for dave?)

062/03 - 6th August 11.05h IRT

At the request of Blyth Auxiliary Coastguard team, the TVLB were paged to assist after a local resident reported hearing screaming and shouts from the base of cliffs in Seaton Sluice. As children regularly jump into the sea from there, he was concerned that someone had hit rocks and injured themselves. On arrival it was found that it was three teenage girls messing about at the shoreline. They were advised about the dangers of playing that close to the base of cliffs, and that the tide was coming in and they could soon get cut off.

061/03 - 4th August 16.37h IRT + BRT

Paged to begin a search at Whitley Bay beach after there had been reports of a missing 4 year old boy, last seen paddling in the sea by himself. The Backup Response Team were immediately called for to assist with the search, Cullercoats Lifeboat were paged, as was Tynemouth Lifeboat, along with the rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer. All teams were stood down after 10 minutes when the beach lifeguards found the boy wandering on the beach.

060/03 - 26th July 14.53h IRT

As the team was stowing the cliff gear after the display for the Cullercoats Lifeboat day, we were asked to provide additional medical assistance to the beach lifeguards, who were dealing with an 8 year old girl that had been pulled from the sea. She had taken a 'funny turn' while swimming between the piers in the bay, and was very cold and in shock.

059/03 - 25th July 19.23h IRT

Called by Humber Coastguard to attend the RVI Hospital Helo Landing site, as Rescue 131 was inbound with an oil rig crewman who needed medical treatment. On arrival the crewman was very carefully transferred to the waiting ambulance, as it was found that his injury was to a rather…. private area, and he was scheduled for emergency surgery on them both the next day.

058/03 - 19th July 12.15h IRT

During a local patrol, the TVLB were tasked to the Whitley Bay Leisure pool to assist in the recovery of an injured swimmer that had fallen and damaged his neck. The TVLB gear was used to immobilise the casualty, and he was taken to hospital by ambulance. This again shows the close working relationship between local lifeguards both on the beach and in the local pools, and the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade.

057/03 - 16th July 16.30h IRT

While out on local patrol, the TVLB mobile was urgently tasked to an incident at the Tynemouth Longsands where a dingy was reported as drifting out to sea with children inboard. Cullercoats Inshore lifeboat was also tasked to this incident. On arrival it was found that the dingy had made its way to the shore, and all teams were stood down.

056/03 - 10th July 23.03h IRT

After a report of a person in the water at Tynemouth Haven, Humber Coastguard paged the TVLB and Cullercoats Lifeboat to attend urgently. On arrival at the Haven, there was no sign of anyone in the water, and it was decided to search in King Edwards Bay in case the information had been misheard or confused. While travelling to King Edwards, everyone was re-directed to Cullercoats, as the Hon. Sec. of the lifeboat reported that the casualty was there, and in need of assistance. It transpired that as the crew readied for launch and opened the station doors to go, the woman ran in. She was passed into the care of the paramedics and taken to hospital. All teams were then able to stand down once it was decided that the area was clear of any other late night swimmers

055/03 - 10th July 19.40h IRT

Humber Coastguard received a 999 call reporting two people trapped at the end of the Lloyd's Hailing Station pier. The team were directed to the two trapped men by the children that made the call, and contact was made with the casualties. After it was decided that it was unsafe to attempt to reach them along the pier, the Tynemouth Inshore lifeboat were requested, and soon launched. The boat sped the 200 yards to were the men were, and they were helped down from the pier, and taken to the lifeboat station. It transpired that the two men had been given a lift to the pier by a speedboat owner, who promised to return to get them. He did not arrive as promised, and after a couple of hours the two men tried to summon help from passing boats and the shore, but the people they yelled and waved to thought they were only joking. Thankfully, the children that spotted them and raised the alarm put an end to their 7 hour ordeal. The men were given medical advice about how to deal with the severe sunburn they were suffering from.

054/03 - 9th July 18.40h IRT

Paged by Coastguard to urgently staff the RVI landing site, as Sea King 131 was about to take off to collect a medical team to transfer them to York. The team were then to collect a seriously ill baby and transfer the child back to Newcastle. The aircraft landed safely, but was then told that the transfer was cancelled, as sadly the child in York had died. The helicopter returned to Boulmer, and the TVLB team headed home in a sombre mood.

053/03 - 6th July 17.33h IRT

The Initial Response Team were paged after 999 calls reporting three persons in difficulty offshore at Whitley Bay. A member of the team arrived as the three were making their way from the sea. He found that they were all in wetsuits, and had only been playing on one of the sand banks. It was mentioned that being out to sea and then waving at people on the shore could be confused as them shouting for help. They hadn't realised this and apologised for their actions.

052/03 - 7th July 12.10h IRT

he TVLB vehicle was tasked while on patrol to a good vantage point at the mouth of the Tyne, as a sailing boat was drifting out to sea after the wind had dropped suddenly. The Brigade team stood watch as the boat was taken under tow by the Red Seal Rescue craft (A local youth group who train local children and teenagers in boat handling and rescue techniques) A police boat and Tynemouth Inshore lifeboat were also in attendance, and the casualty boat was returned to Tynemouth Haven, where the TVLB took details for Coastguard.

051/03 - 1st July 18.40h IRT

Paged by Humber Coastguard to attend the RVI landing site, as RAF Sea King Rescue 131 was inbound with an oil platform worker who had been taken suddenly ill. On the way to the landing site, the aircraft diverted to Newbiggin, as there was a search going on for a man that was possibly missing after helping to rescue two girls from the sea. The aircraft then continued on to the HLS, as the man was found to have gone home after assisting the girls.The aircraft landed safely, and the casualty was transferred to the waiting ambulance, and his details were taken to be passed to Coastguard.

050/03 - 28th June 14.15h IRT

While the TVLB were displaying the Breeches Buoy rescue technique, a call was taken from Humber Coastguard requesting that we stand by to man the Helicopter Landing Site at the RVI, as the Sea King Helicopter was about to head to the North Sea to collect a woman who had suffered a suspected brain haemorrhage. The Brigade were stood down three hours later, as a doctor that flew out to assess the casualty had decided that it was better she was transferred to a hospital in Aberdeen

049/03 - 23rd June 19.15h IRT

Paged by Coastguard to attend an incident at the mouth of the Tyne, where two jet-skis had collided. Although it was on the south side of the river, the TVLB were requested to observe the broken down craft, as they were beginning to drift northwards towards the mouth of the river, and the open sea. Tynemouth Inshore lifeboat took the craft under tow, and transferred them to a beach at South Shields, where they were met by South Shields VLB.

048/03 - 19th June 11.05h IRT

During a local area patrol, the TVLB vehicle was called on the Lifeguard channel to assist an incident at King Edwards Bay. On arrival it was found that while tidying the beach, one of the lifeguards had fallen and badly gashed his leg. He was given on scene first aid, and then transferred to hospital for stitches.

047/03 - 18th June 21.05h IRT

On our way back from a patrol a man was spotted with his top off, and who was stood in a very dangerous position on Sharpness Point. As he also didn't appear very steady, the team stopped, and then saw that a Fire Brigade unit had also arrived. One of the Firemen spoke to the man, he was eventually persuaded away from the cliff, and passed into the care of the Police and Ambulance crew. All teams then stood down.

046/03 - 15th June 21.45h IRT

Humber Coastguard requested that the TVLB attend the RVI helicopter landing site, as the Search and Rescue Helicopter was transferring a casualty to the hospital. On the way to the landing site, one of the rear tyres on the Landrover exploded. Thankfully, another team member was passing, and was able to transport all but one of the vehicles occupants (who had to stay with the vehicle) to the HLS. On arrival it was found that as the TVLB were expected to be delayed, three Fire Brigade units and a police car had been tasked to staff the site.

045/03 - 15th June 10.45h IRT

The TVLB were paged by Humber Coastguard to investigate a report of a broken down boat off Cullercoats. It was found to be the Deep Blue dive boat that was suffering engine difficulties off the Bears Back Rocks. Thankfully, the boat is well equipped, and there was no immediate danger to the occupants, and they were recovered by Cullercoats lifeboat and returned to Cullercoats Harbour.

044/03 - 12th June 22.45h IRT

Called to a report of a red distress flare over Cullercoats, which was found to have been fired from the land. A false alarm caused by misuse of rescue equipment.

043/03 - 4th June 21.05h IRT

During a patrol, Coastguard requested that the vehicle proceed to the North Shields area, after a 999 call had been received reporting a theft of a boat that was now in difficulties in the river Tyne. On arrival, and after an extensive search, it was found to be a malicious false alarm.

042/03 - 1st June 14.40h IRT

Still out on local area patrol, the vehicle was this time called to assist in locating a rapidly sinking boat offshore at Tynemouth. The three casualties from the boat had been rescued by the Deep Blue dive boat and returned to Cullercoats. Blyth Auxiliary Coastguard, who were in the area on patrol, went to get details from the rescued crew, while the TVLB went back to perform a shore search for any debris or other persons from the boat.

041/03 - 1st June 12.55h IRT

While on patrol, the TVLB vehicle was sent to an incident at the north of Longsands, where two people were reported as trapped by the incoming tide on rocks. The TVLB team made contact with the people, and reassured them while Cullercoats lifeboat launched. Both casualties were rescued by the lifeboat and returned to the shore.

040/03 - 31st May 15.30h IRT

During the previous rescue, the TVLB and Tynemouth Lifeboat were tasked to search for a surfer in difficulties off the Longsands. The Tynemouth Boat launched the Y-Class dingy which stayed with the broken down jet-ski before heading to sea. The surfer was recovered by Cullercoats ILB, and taken to hospital for treatment for mild hypothermia.

039/03 - 31st May 15.00h IRT

The TVLB and Tynemouth Lifeboat were paged after Humber Coastguard took a 999 call reporting a broken down jet-ski with two persons on board. As this call was being taken, a second call was received requesting assistance, as two boys were trapped at the base of cliffs in South Shields, and were being hit by large waves putting them in danger. South Shields VLB and the Tynemouth Inshore Lifeboat were tasked to this rescue, and it was given priority, as the TVLB was able to see the jet-ski, and report that it was in no immediate danger.

038/03 - 27th October 00.50h IRT

Called by HMCG to attend and investigate a reported incident where a coble was adrift beside the Millennium Bridge at Newcastle. On arrival the TVLB team was met by the owner of the coble 'Royal Diadem II,' which was on a mirror calm river, just east of the bridge. TM ILB arrived and transported the owner to the boat and then escorted him and the coble back to the berth at Ouseburn Water Sports Club.

037/03 - 23rd May xx.xxh IRT

The Coastguard were informed that there was a person in the Tyne, who had either fallen or jumped from a ship near the Walker area. On arrival it was found that there were reports of a number of people in the river, two of whom were recovered and taken into police care, and one had made his escape. The Immigration service is dealing with this incident

036/03 - 14th May 14.48h IRT

Humber Coastguard tasked the TVLB to an incident at King Edwards Bay, where there was a report that a person had fallen from the rocks. The team was stood down as the police and ambulance crews were already on scene and the injuries were minimal. As the vehicle had already arrived, the team went down into the bay to find that a teenage girl had fallen and cut her leg, and was now in the capable hands of the paramedics.

035/03 - 14th May 13.41h IRT

The initial response team were paged to investigate a report of a small boat being put to sea in an unsafe condition in heavy seas. On arrival a small boat was seen to be holding its own, and that the three persons on board were safe. Humber Coastguard and Cullercoats Lifeboat were informed, and all rescue teams were stood down

034/03 - 11th May 07.26h IRT

>Humber Coastguard requested by phone that the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade attend the RVI Helicopter landing site, as the RAF Sea King rescue helicopter was in the process of airlifting a casualty from the North Sea ferry 'Queen of Scandinavia'. The aircraft landed at 08.10 and a four year old boy, accompanied by his father, was transferred to Newcastle General hospital, after being suddenly taken ill at 05.00h that morning on the ship which was en-route to the Tyne. The TVLB's role was to secure the landing site, provide assistance with the transfer, and transport the crewman and his equipment from the hospital back to the aircraft. The team were back on station by 09.20h.

033/03 - 26th April 10.26h IRT

The Brigade were paged to attend the RVI Helo Landing Site, as Rescue 131 had been tasked to an incident on cliffs at South Shields which was being attended by South Shields VLB. The vehicle was told to wait and put on stand-by as it had been reported that the young girl had not survived the fall. The team was stood down, and returned to station as the casualty was to be taken to a local hospital rather than the Newcastle General.

032/03 - 22nd April 22.40h IRT

Called to reports of a red flare off Cullercoats Bay. Found to be a false alarm with good intent, as the first informant had mistaken the ordinance buoy for a distress signal.

031/03 - 22nd April 13.20h IRT

The initial response team were paged alongside Cullercoats Lifeboat to assist a boat that, after a mechanical failure, was drifting out of control. The craft was located and towed to the Royal Quays Marina, where it was met by the TVLB and details taken.

030/03 - 22nd April 07.02h IRT

The Brigade were paged to locate a small boat that was drifting unmanned on the Tyne, made more difficult by heavy mist. The boat was eventually located, and returned to its moorings safely.

029/03 - 19th April 18.02h IRT

A report of a small sailing craft in difficulties between Cullercoats and Tynemouth was received by Coastguard, resulting in an hour long search by Cullercoats Lifeboat and Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade. It was found to be a malicious hoax, as the first informants phone number was false, resulting in two rescue teams being unnecessarily called out, and the lifeboat crew being put at risk in rough seas.

028/03 - 19th April 13.20h IRT

The Brigade were called to Tynemouth Longsands when a jet ski overturned in the surf. The jet ski rider was unable to right the ski, and his friend on the shore swam out to assist but both persons and the jet ski were drifting out to sea, and were rescued by Cullercoats Life Boat.

027/03 - 5th April 14.20h IRT

A report was received that a young girl was trapped by the incoming tide on rocks opposite the High Point Hotel in Cullercoats. On arrival it was found that she had been rescued by a member of the public, and was now safe on the shore.

026/03 - 4th April 02.55h IRT

Called to attend an incident in Newcastle where a woman was threatening to jump from the Tyne Bridge. She was eventually talked down and put into the care of the ambulance crew.

025/03 - 1st April 18.20h IRT

The RAF requested that the RVI Helo Landing Site be manned to meet the Sea King helicopter, which was on its way to pick up a three day old baby for transport to Glasgow for specialist care. The brigade manned the site, and assisted with the safe transfer of the child and medical team to the helicopter.

024/03 - 29th March 15.17h IRT

Paged by Coastguard to attend an incident on the cliffs at Cullercoats, where a youth had slipped down and was now trapped. The fire brigade recovered the casualty uninjured.

023/03 - 26th March 22.45h IRT

Paged by Coastguard after they received a report of a broken down speedboat near the swing bridge in Newcastle. Stood down while travelling to the incident, as a police launch was available, which rescued the craft.

022/03 - 22nd March 20.00h IRT

After a 999 call from a member of the public passing in front of the Rex Hotel who had seen a man jumping over the railings on the promenade, the TVLB and Rescue Helicopter 131 were tasked to a search of the area for the man. After an extensive search with nothing found, and further discussions with the first informant, it was found that the area the man had jumper over led to a four foot drop, rather than the 50 feet to the sea. This was a false alarm with good intent, and all teams were stood down.

021/03 - 20th March 16.00h IRT

The TVLB were paged after a report of red distress flare in the Seaton Sluice area. After investigation nothing was found, classed as a false alarm with good intent

020/03 - 9th March 09.45h IRT

Request to attend the RVI Helo Landing site to meet Rescue Helicopter 131, which was inbound with a man with suspected heart problems was being landed. Members of the NSVL who were out with us that day assisted the TVLB on this service.

019/03 - 8th March 02.10h IRT

Called to the promenade outside Deep nightclub in Whitley Bay where a young man had apparently fallen from the railings. It was discovered that the man was on a stag weekend from Scotland, and had decided once leaving the club to go for a swim in the sea, leaping the railings expecting the water below. Sadly, as the tide was well out, and the distance to the beach about 50 feet, the man required professional rescue. A member of the Initial Response Team stabilised the casualty, who had sustained back injuries, while other members of the team brought lighting and rescue equipment. During the coarse of the rescue the tide was rising fast, with the Landrover and generator becoming swamped, and both moved quickly to higher ground, and for the safety of the rescue team, paramedics and police, Cullercoats Lifeboat was requested. The Sea King helicopter was used to lift the casualty to hospital, with the rescuers on the ground making their way to safety on foot, with the breaking water reaching their waists at times.

018/03 - 5th March 15.30h IRT

Paged along with Cullercoats lifeboat to rescue a child and his grandparents from St. Mary's Island, where they had been cut off by the tide. Due to the child having a potentially serious medical condition, and his medication being in their vehicle on the mainland, the decision to launch the boat was made, and the family recovered by lifeboat to the land. Members of the ILB crew and TVLB carried them to the shore, and their details taken for were Coastguard.

017/03 - 2nd March 12.45h IRT

While out on local area patrol, Humber Coastguard requested that the vehicle get to a vantage point to assist in locating a stranded pleasure boat that had reported itself as broken down. Tynemouth Lifeboat hade been paged to find the boat, and Cullercoats ILB, whowere out training, joined the search. The boat was located and towed back to North Shields by Tynemouth Lifeboat. As the TVLB were in the process of setting up an exercise for the North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards, Blyth Coastguard offered to meet the boat and take details for Coastguard

016/03 - 24th February 18.30h IRT

While returning the Landrover from the previous job, the TVLB were tasked to another stricken boat in the fog. After a series of calls from the boat to Coastguard, it was found that they were lost a mere 100 yards from Cullercoats Lifeboat station. The ILB then towed them back to their berth in South Shields, and the TVLB stood down

015/03 - 24th February 17.30h IRT

Tasked by Coastguard to help locate a fishing boat that had run aground on the Black Middens in very thick fog. They were located by Tynemouth Lifeboat, using their Radar.

014/03 - 34th February 13.15h IRT

Paged by Coastguard at the request of Paramedics, to assist with the recovery of an elderly woman who had fallen and broken her ankle on rocks next to St. Mary's Lighthouse.

013/03 - 23rd February 18.37h IRT

Paged by Coastguard after the were phoned by people onboard a speedboat that had broken down on the Tyne. The TVLB used CCTV cameras at a nearby shipbuilders to locate the casualty vessel, and direct Tynemouth ILB to it.

012/03 - 23rd February 12.57h IRT

As Blyth Auxillary Coastguard team were out of the area on a training course, the TVLB were tasked to investigate sightings of red flares off Blyth power station. Blyth RNLI were also paged, and began a search of the area. After an extensive search, nothing was found, and both teams were stood down.

011/03 - 16th February 18.41h IRT

Humber Coastguard received 999 calls reporting red, orange and green flares off the coast of Whitley Bay. After speaking to the callers, and searching the area, Humber discovered that there was a lot of meteorite activity due that evening. As one of the team was heading home after being stood down, he witnessed one of the 'shooting stars' and was able to confirm this with Coastguard

010/03 - 8th February 18.29h IRT

Paged by Humber to investigate a 999 call from two teenage girls who reported seeing a red flare offshore at Whitley Bay. On arrival it was discovered that they had seen the light flashing on top of the mine buoy. A false alarm with good intent.

009/03 - 7th October 21.30h IRT

Following one of our monthly exercises, Coastguard telephoned the Watchouse and requested that we urgently attend the RVI Helicopter Landing Site, as Rescue 131 was inbound with two badly injured, and one 'walking wounded' people from a road accident. The brigade had less than 20 minutes to get to the HLS, and made it with four minutes to spare.

008/03 - 7th February 15.30h IRT

Tasked by Coastguard to meet a fishing vessel inbound to North Shields, and assess the condition and take details of a crewmember that was having fits. The crewman was then escorted to a waiting ambulance.

007/03 - 5th February 16.45h IRT

At the request of the Police, the TVLB were paged to attend an incident on the north pier, where a man had been seen walking to the end, after climbing the locked gates. The seas were running very high, with 15 foot waves breaking along the length of the pier. The Police helicopter flew to the pier end and located the man, who did not respond to their calls. Coastguard requested that no-one put themselves at risk by going onto the pier, and the RAF Sea King made their way down from Boulmer. The winch man was lowered and spoke to the man, who refused to be winched off, and walked back to the shore side pier end. As this was especially dangerous, the helicopter flew alongside him at a walking pace, until he was safe with the TVLB and police. The local man, who was planning to fish from the pier, has since apologised via the local press.

006/03 - 5th February 10.45h IRT

Paged by Coastguard to respond to Exercise Hadrian. The scenario for this incident was that the North Sea ferry had collided with a container ship carrying dangerous chemicals. Fires had started on both ships, with the container vessel running aground on Tynemouth long sands. The TVLB were initially tasked to the RVI HLS to meet the Sea King, who were airlifting two badly burned crew from the ferry. After returning to the coast, Humber Coastguard then asked if it was possible to effect a Breeches Buoy rescue from the stricken container ship, as the potentially explosive chemicals made an airlift impossible, and a rescue by boat extremely dangerous. A line was fired to the ship (simulated) and the gear set for a rescue. The crew were finally 'rescued' by the Tynemouth inshore lifeboat who ferried them to the larger Sunderland Lifeboat, and at 15.30h the TVLB were stood down. Exercise Hadrian continued well into the next day, testing the abilities of pollution control agencies, as well as other systems in place to deal with a major incident of this type.

005/03 - 30th January 14.29h IRT

The TVLB were tasked to investigate a report of white flares from a vessel in distress. Due to heavy seas and a snow storm, the lifeboat was put on standby but not launched. The boat was located, and Humber CG spoke to them by radio, and they were found to be OK. All teams stood down

004/03 - 27th January 16.29h IRT

Called to investigate two fishermen apparently cut off by the tide. They managed to make their own way back to shore, and the TVLB were stood down.

003/03 - 23rd January 17.05h IRT

Paged by Humber CG to a broken down boat, which was located, and taken under tow by Cullercoats Lifeboat. Details were taken by the TVLB and passed to Coastguard

002/03 - 8th January 19.30h IRT

Called to investigate a report of a trapped fisherman at the base of the Priory cliffs. The Lifeboat, RAF Sea King and Police Helicopter were all tasked to the incident, but he was found to be in no difficulties.

001/03 - 5th January 15.33h IRT

Paged by Coastguard to proceed to King Edwards Bay, where a young seal had been found tangled in fishing nets. A member of the brigade and fishermen managed to remove the nets, before releasing the mammal



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