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30th November 2010 - 14.08h

Manning a Helicopter Landing Site in Thick Snow

HM Coastguard paged the Brigade with a request to man the Richardson Road Helicopter Landing Site where RAF Sea King Helicopter 131 was due to land in 25 minutes. The site, which was covered in 2 foot of snow, was manned by seven Brigade members and the Helicopter landed without incident. As the Helicopter was landing to collect an incubator and medical crew, the Pilot then demonstrated astonishing skill to take off and land the Helicopter between two lamp posts (with no more than a few metres clearance on each side) and on the main path which made transporting the incubator onto the Helicopter much easier. The Helicopter then took off en route to collect an ill child from Whitehaven Hospital.

The Brigade Land Rover arrives.
The Helicopter then arrived a short while later and touched down in the field.
With the transfer of the incubator likely to be extremly difficult due to the snow, the Helicopter pilot demonstrated exemplary skill to land the Helicopter on the path between two lamp posts!
This made the transfer much easier as the snow on the patch was compacted and much easier to move on.
Before the transfer took place, the Helicopter closed down its engines to make the area safe.
The ambulance, picutred in the background, then drove up the path and the incubator was lifted aboard the Helicopter..
The Helicopter then started up its enginges again and prepared to leave...
...while this took place the Photographer spotted this 'snowball' which demonstrates the sheer amount of snow that was on the field...
The Helicopter prepares to lift off.
As it takes off, snow if blown in all directions.
Up, up and away...

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