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29th October 2008 - 12.30h

Fork Lift Truck Stuck On Whitley Bay Beach

While returning from a callout, a Brigade Captain was contacted by an officer of North Tyneside Council who asked if they could be of assistance to a council sub-contractor who had a got a 4 and a half tonne fork lift truck struck in the sand at Watts Slope, Whitley Bay. Brigade members arrived on scene and used their Land Rover along with a second Land Rover belonging to a Brigade member to pull the fork lift away from the incoming tide before a larger machine arrived and pulled it off the sand.

The sight that met Brigade members - at first viewing it does not look THAT stuck.
But from side-on it becomes clear that it is in danger of being engulfed by the approaching high tide.
And it gets worse from behind as it is clear that the back wheels are rather stuck.
Due to the high-tide and soft sand, a long tow is set up.
This involved using the Brigade Land Rover and another Land Rover both of which were positioned on the concrete ramp.
The Fork Lift is pulled clear of immediate danger but then digs into the sand again!
Thanfully, a digger arrives on the scene to assist.
And quickly sets about to recovering the Fork Lift Truck to the safe haven of the ramp.
Which is achieved in no time at all - another successful outcome.

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