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15th January 2011 - 11.55h

Rescue an Injured Fisherman on a Boat

HM Coastguard paged the Brigade with a request to assist paramedics from the North East Ambulance Service who were due to meet the fishing vessel ‘Jubilee Quest’ at the North Shields Ferry Landing. A crewmember onboard the vessel had injured his back while the vessel had been at sea and had been unable to climb out of bed for over 24 hours.
As the vessel approached the Ferry Landing it become clear that because of the height of the vessel it would be too difficult to board the vessel at the landing and so the vessel moved to the Fish Quay. Once onboard the boat the paramedic made an assessment of the casualty and determined that the man had over-extended his back during his fall and needed to be immobilised on a stretcher on the boat and taken to hospital. Removing the man on a stretcher from the fishing vessel presented a significant technical challenge which was overcome by firstly placing the man onto a spinal board and passing him from his cabin through an escape hatch and into the fish hold. The Spinal board was then placed into a more robust basket stretcher and, using a quad pod, ropes, safety lines and pulleys from the Brigade’s Rope Rescue Equipment, the man was carefully lifted onto the deck of the vessel and finally into an awaiting ambulance on the Quayside. The man was then taken to North Tyneside General Hospital for further assessment and treatment.

The 'Jubilee Quest' alongside at the Fish Quay.
Brigade members and the Ambulance arrive on scene.
An analysis of the situation is carried out.
The Rope Rescue Quadpod if positioned over the entrance to the Fish Hold.
Brigade member John talks through the extraction with the casualty.
The man is carefully lifted through the Hatch before being transferred to an awaiting ambulance.

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