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14th October 2005

Historic Visit By The Queen

On the 14th of October 2005 the Queen visited the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade. The visit, coming in the 140th year of the Brigade's existence, was a fantastic event with the Queen meeting both Active, Committee and Retired members of the Brigade, their families and friends and a number of local dignitaries. The queen was given a tour of the Brigade house, an introduction into some of the Brigades current equipment and also spent a number of minutes taking in the fantastic view of the River Tyne and the famous Black Midden rocks from the Watch House. The visit was a fantastic occasion and one which will be remembered for years to come by all whom were there. (Below are a number of photos taken on the day, hover your mouse over the image for a description of what or who it shows!)

Billy, the Brigade Watchman, and wife prepare to raise the Royal Standard on the morning of the visit.
Brigade Members Richard, Brian, Paul and Paul line up and prepare to be introudced to the Queen.
Peter, Tony and Dan line up infront of the Brigade vehicle.
The Queen arrives and is welcomed by Alec who was Brigade Chairman at the time of the visit.
The Queen was then introduced to the current Brigade Chairman Will.
Her Majesty then met Chris.
And then Paul, Paul and Michael.
The Queen is introduced to Will, who is now Brigade Captain and Chairman
After a tour of the Watch House, The Queen returned outside to meet family and friends of Brigade Members.
The Queen is presented with a bunch of flowers.
The Queen is then presented with a posy of flowers by relatives of a Brigade member.
The Queen is introduced to Will, who is now Brigade Captain and Chairman
The Queen chats to members of the crowd.
And after speaking to few more supporters of the Brigade, The Queen then left the Watch House and continued her visit of the North East.
Brigade Captain Dave stands proud next to the Land Rover and Rescue Kit shortly after the Queen had left.
Brigade member Brian with his wife shortly after the Queen had left.
Brigade member Alan also with his wife as the historic day's events drew to a close.

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