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13th November 2004 - 12.52hrs

Recovery of a car being swamped by the sea at Tynemouth Longsands

Called by Coastguard after they had received a 999 call from a man who had managed to get his car stuck on the beach while recovering his jet ski. As there was no risk to life, Coastguard were only able to ask of we would like to investigate, and help if we felt able. On arrival it was found that the car was not only stuck, but now in fairly deep water, as the tide was rising fast. The owner had been attempting to recover his jet ski after it had been damaged after being hit by a large wave, causing it to drift onto Longsands. With the assistance the ability of a Vauxhall Vectra to float in rough seas, a local resident with a tractor (who also has the dubious honour of being a TVLB team members father), that it was possible to recover the car to shallower water. The AA mechanic was then able to get the car started and off the beach. The gathered crowds gave a cheer at this point, obviously impressed with the unexpected Saturday afternoon entertainment. The TVLB were then helped to recover the jet ski by a local fisherman and his tractor. (Thank you Mr. Stocks)

The Brigade landrover arrives on scene.
Brigade members make an attempt using the first tractor to pull the car out of the sea.
Trying to be useful, but ending up on his back, Brigade member Richard takes a tumble in the surf.
Meanwhile, DISASTER!! as the first rescue tractor becomes stuck in the sand and begins to sink!
Thankfully both that tractor, the car and jet ski were rescued safely.
With the exciement over, the large crowds that had gathered to watch the rescue start to move on.

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