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Below is a selection of photos highlighting the exciting lives of T.V.L.B. Wolly-Hats when they are not doing their primary job of keeping our brave Brigade members heads warm - Should you be inspired to take a T.V.L.B. Woolly-Hat on a holiday then please contact us through enquiries@tvlb.org and we will be happy to find a suitable Hat to accompany you on your adventure!

Likewise should you already have any pictures of T.V.L.B. Hat's skiving off callouts and visiting famous places then please do send them in to the above address - the more obscure and whacky the better

2008 - 2009

The Adventures of a T.V.L.B. Woolly-Hat!

From August 2008 till July 2009 Brigade member Peter bravely 'lent' his trusty T.V.L.B. Woolly-Hat to his sister Anne-Marie as she spent a year back-packing around mainly Australia, with brief trips to New Zealand, Fiji and America.

Below is a selection of photographs of the Hat on tour as it missed out on keeping a Brigade member warm during cold winter nights and instead hung out with television stars and visited many tourist hot-spots!

The adventure begins and the Hat sits comfortably on the 24-hour flight to Australia.
First stop is Perth, Western Australia and the hat poses with the City Sky-line behind it.
This, would you believe, is Scarborough Beach, basked in sunshine...Western Australia Style...
After some more flights and a trip to Darwin, the hat drops in on an old friend at Australia Zoo.
Answers on a postcode as to which town hall this is?
It is of course Newcastle! - and the hat spends a little while dreaming about being home and touring its Australian namesake..
Next stop is to view the Zebra's at Taronga Zoo, Sydney.
And just like a good Brigade member, the Hat quickly takes an interest in their rescue capabilities..
Still at the Zoo, has the Hat found a new Brigade member?!?
Next stop sight-seeing in Sydney!
The hat can't help but think that the Tyneside version is better!
Used to rescuing dogs stuck down cliffs or swimming out to sea, the Hat can't quite decide what to make of its latest friend...
Naturally, the hat couldn't resist popping into its favourite daytime soap-opera.
Pictured here with our intrepid explorer, the hat spends an evening with Karl Kennedy! ...possible future band member for the Annual Smoker?!?!
No, it's not St. Mary's Lighthouse, nor Souter, and if you can't work out which Lighthouse it is then ask any 'youngster' who was a regular watcher of bbc childrens tele in the mid-90's - It is of course the Lighthouse form 'Round The Twist'!
Struggling again with this one? Well the Hat has left Australia and is now in New Zealend... it is of course Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings!.
The Hat then admires Wellington's House of Parliament.
Next the Hat sneaks up on a real Sea Lion!
Knackered from all the adventures, the Hat takes a breather on this Idyllic Fijian Beach before hopping on another Plane and heading to the U S of A.
...or is it the Second Sevon Crossing in Wales...I am assured that this is the Golden Gate Bridge - but i'll let you be the judge..
Now to a bit of Nature spotting at Yosemite National Park, a World Heritage Site since 1984...
And then to the Casino's!
And then back to draw-dropping scenery at the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon National Park - home to the Grand Canyon which became a National Monument on 11th January 1908!
Before making the long journey home, the hat tours down Route 66 on the way to its final destination!
Which was of course...Hollywood!!
And before returning to keep Brigade member's heads warm during stormy winter weather, there was just enough time to dream of hanging out with the stars... The adventure ends...for now...


During the last weekend of January 2010, North Tyneside was again covered in Snow and with no callouts Captain Dave (assisted by Section Leader Peter - 'assisted' used in its loosest terms) had to do something with their time and so built a brand new Brigade member - unfortunately - he decided that he couldn't hack being in the Brigade and is reported to have melted back into obscurity


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