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13th May 2009 - 19.50h

Rope Rescue of Two Casualties Stuck on the Cliffs at Tynemouth Priory

While returning to Tynemouth after a previous callout, the Brigade was informed that two Police Community Support Officers had observed two young males who appeared to be stuck 30 feet up the North side of Tynemouth Priory. The Brigade Land Rover was on scene within 30 seconds of the call and one Brigade member made contact with the lads using mobile phone and immediately decided that a Rope Rescue would be required to successfully recover the two casualties. Working in close conjunction with the Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade, one Brigade member and two specially-trained Firemen from their Rope Rescue Team based in Hebburn were lowered over the Priory wall towards the casualties with the Brigadesman rescuing one of the young men and one of the Firemen rescuing the other teenager. Both casualties, aged 14 and 15, were cold after spending an hour stuck on the cliff but after a thorough check-up by a North East Ambulance Crew required no further medical attention and were taken back to their homes by Northumbria Police, albeit after a strict safety talk from the Brigade.
The incident saw the Brigade use their New Rope Rescue Equipment for the first time in an emergency to great success and also demonstrated the strong working relationship between the Brigade and the local Fire Brigade.

All photos are used with the photographer's permission and are not to be reused without prior notice.

The two young males are visible in the middle of the image.
Brigade member Dan is lowered over the cliff.
The two Firemen secure one of the casualties. Photo courtsey of John Tuttiett.
Dan safely brings his casualty towards the bottom of the cliff. Photo courtsey of John Tuttiett.
Dan continues to guide the casualty towards the bottom of the cliff.

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