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6th October 2008 - All Day Long

Oil Slick Along The North Tyneside Coastline

Following reports of birds covered in oil that were received on the previous day, two Brigade Captains and two Brigade members spent nine hours carrying out a patrol of the North Tyneside Coastline looking for any further birds that had been affected by the oil slick. In total eight live birds and two deceased birds were recovered and handed over to RSCPA for further assessment and treatment. While the birds were all unable to fly due to the oil affecting their wings, a number of the birds still proved quite difficult to capture and some skilful use of a blanket was required to keep the birds calm and they were taken to safety. The cause of the slick is still under investigation however birds covered in oil have now been reported as far North as the Scottish Border and as far South as Teesmouth.

Following this incident the Brigade was featured in an article on ITV Local News. The Brigade also featured in the Evening Chronicle on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th October and they also posted a video clip on their web site. The Northumberland Gazette also produced an article on the incident and finally, an article was also printed in The Sun.

The following three photos were taken by Dave Charlton of the Evening Chronicle and are used with his kind permission.

Brigade member Peter holds up a dead bird for the camera.
He continues his search for more injured or deceased birds.
Brigade member Jonny holds aloft a dead gannet. (Or is he praising the Great God Gannet!?)

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