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6th April 2010 - 10.26h

Boat Ashore at Blyth Beach

HM Coastguard paged the Brigade after receiving a report that a small boat had came ashore at Blyth Beach opposite The Astley Arms Pub. Four Brigade members arrived on scene along with officers from Northumbria Police to find a 10ft long open top boat that was partially full of sea water and had been at sea for an extended period of time - there was no obvious sign that anyone had recently been onboard. As Police Officers tried to locate the owner of the vessel, Brigade members looked to move it above the high-water mark to prevent it being washed out to sea again. With the help of a tractor from Blyth Valley Council's Beach Cleaning Team, the Boat was dragged up the beach. Meanwhile, a pair of oars were located at Seaton Sluice Harbour which were thought to belong to the boat and Northumbria Police were confident that no one was missing and the Brigade was stood down.

The sight that met Brigade members.
As it was clear the boat had been adrift for some time, the priority was to secure it above the high tide mark so that its owner could recover it at a later date.
Therefore, Brigade member Phil set about removing some of the Sea Water which was making it very heavy.
Assisted by Big John...
And even Captain Dave...
With most of the water removed, a line was attached and a local tractor was called in to help shift it up the beach...
...but at first the tractor didn't have too much success!
Thankfully, it moved eventually and Phil was able to grab a lift...
Tractor and Boat in motion.
Once above the high water mark, Brigade members posed for one last photo...
...Before leaving the boat behind - it was later recovered back to Blyth Harbour by its owner.

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