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5th July 2006

Breeches Buoy practice for Tynemouth Harbour Day 2006

The following set of pictures follows on from the 2004 Breeches Buoy demonstration and gives a further example of how a Breeches Buoy rescue could take place. The exerise took place at Fish Quay Sands and involved Tynemouth RNLI All-Weather Lifeboat acting as the 'vessel in difficulty'. Unfortunally the imags stop before a casualty is placed in the Breeches Buoy. This is because during the excerise the Lifeboat was called out to a broken down boat.

Photos are courtsey of Adrian Don.

Tynemouth RNLI All-Weather Lifeboat gets in place to act as the casualty vessel.
Brigade members fall in and are briefed by the Brigade Captain's before the exercise begins.
Brigade members prepare to spring into action.
Brigade member Alan knocks a number of stakes into the ground. The stakes are used as an anchor for the Breeches Buoy Equipment to ensure it stays in place during the excercise.
Brigde members prepare the tripod and jackstay.
Brigade member Peter and Brigade Captain Dave load the rocket into it's launcher. The rocket is fired at the casualty vessel and carries a line with it which is attached to a strong point on the vessel and used to haul out the rescue gear.
Captain Dave prepares and aims the rocket.
Captain Dave fires the rocket.
The tripod is carried forward.
The whips and jackstay are hold taught by Brigade members.
The Breeches Buoy is attached to one of the whips and jackstay.
The tripod is put in place with one leg placed across the whip that the Breeches Buoy is to be attached to.
The tripod is raised with the Breeches Buoy now attached.
The tripod is raised and it's three legs are positioned so that they are at the correct angle to the vessel.
Brigade members stand awaiting instructions with the Breeches Buoy attached to Tripod and the kit fully ready.
The Lifeboat leaves the scene on it's callout and the Brigade start to recover their equipment.

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