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2nd September 2002 - 00.09hrs

Report of a (pedal-driven) swan sailing out to sea

Paged by Humber Coastguard after a member of the public reported a large swan off Sharpness point heading toward King Edwards Bay in Tynemouth. On arrival the first member of the Initial Response Team confirmed that there was an 8-foot long swan making steady progress 300 yards offshore. The swan was a pedal driven pleasure craft, which usually stays at Tynemouth Boating Lake that had been carried down to the Longsands, and pedaled to the Bay.

Brigade members Michael and Gordon inspect the swan after its midnight adventure.
Michael and Gordon again posing with number 19 .
The next morning the swan is sailed back round to Tynemouth Longsands.
Now just to carry it the 1/2 mile back to it's natural home of a boating lake!

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