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1st August 2009

Cullercoats Harbour 2009

On 1st August 2009 the Brigade attended Cullercoats Harbour Day and performed a Rope Rescue Exercise just to the North of the Lifeboat Station on the Sea Wall. The Exercise was carried out at high tide and simulated a person being cut off by the tide with the Lifeboat unable to safely reach them. Brigade Captain Michael descended down the sea wall and placed RNLI Lifeboat Volunteer Matt into the Rescue Harness before they were both hauled back up the Sea Wall and to safety.

Along with the Brigade demonstration, their was also demonstrations from RAF Rescue Helicopter 131 and numerous displays of expert seamanship from the Lifeboat crew of Cullercoats onboard their Atlantic 85. Once the Harbour Day had started to end, the Lifeboat crew even treated Captain Dave, Captain Michael and Peter to a spin in the Lifeboat and even bravely allowed each of them to helm the Lifeboat! This was thoroughly enjoyed by the three Brigade members but after Captain Michael experienced the full effects of not slowing down for a big wave, it is safe to say that all three will be leaving the job of being Lifeboatmen to the current crop of professionals!

Following this, a much anticipated game of Rounder's was held with a Brigade IV featuring Captain Dave, Captain Michael, Peter and Dan joining forces with a Cullercoats Beach Lifeguards IV of Kerry, Jason, Louis and Josh to take on a Cullercoats Lifeboat VIII of Young Robert, Graeme, Gary, Scott, Ben, Neal, Ross and Stephen.

The match followed a request from Cullercoats Lifeboat Operations Manager Frank Taylor for the T.V.L.B. to come up with a sporting event to take place on Harbour Day afternoon. Rounder's was selected as it was felt that neither team would be very good at it (a point that certainly came true) and the game was spiced up with the placing of the fourth bay approximately three metres into the sea!

Despite a brave and courageous performance by the Brigade/Lifeguard joint team, they were unable to prevent the Lifeboat winning and they were presented with a bottle of whiskey for their efforts!

The aim of the game was a simple team building exercise and, despite a few exciting moments (whoever knew that rounder's was a contact sport!), the aim was achieved and capped off another excellent Harbour Day

Below are a selection of photos taken from the Brigade Exercise and subsequent Rounder's Match.

All photos' are used with the author's permission and may not be re-used without prior request.

The Orange Carpet is laid and the Brigade equipment is set up for the Rope Rescue Exercise.
The Stakes have been securely knocked in the ground, the decenders are in place and the lines have been checked.
A view of the anchor point used to safely lower and recover Captain Michael and the Lifeboatman.
The Quadpod is set up and to the right of the picture Captain Michael surveys the scene while Brigade member Dan has also donned a harness incase he also needs to descend the sea wall - but, thankfully, he did not as all went to plan!
A calm smile from Captain Michael before the Exercise begins.
Captain Michael hops over the wrong side of the fence and prepares to descend.
His 'casualty' - also known as Matt from Cullercoats RNLI - looks up as Michael makes his way toward him.
Michael has one more look to check his equipment is set up correctly...
...before making his way down the sea wall.
Despite looking like they are sitting down on the job - Brigade members Norman and Peter are actually manning the decenders seen previously to safely control Captain Michael's descent.
Cullercoats RNLI Inshore Lifeboat stands by at a safe distance enjoying the demonstration.
Despite insisting that he wouldn't - Michael gets a little damp as he secures Matt in the Rescue 'Nappy'.
Brigade members prepare the 'tugger' - this is a piece of equipment used to haul someone back up a cliff. It works on a pull ratio of 5:1 which drastically reduces the effort needed to recover a casualty. It is effectively a modern-day luff to those of you with a sea-going background!
Brigade members spring into action and start hauling on the 'tugger'.
Captain Michael and Matt gradually make their way up the Sea Wall.
Getting closer...
...Just another 10 foot to go...
...but still far enough to stop for a quick photo!
Matt is almost 'rescued' as he negotiates the fence.
And just like that, Matt is recovered safely up the Sea Wall.
Next Captain's Dave and Michael see what life is like as Lifeboat Crew.
The Captain's, along with Brigade member Peter, enjoyed a thiry-minute spin on the Lifeboat - but, i can assure you, will be remaining as Brigade members for many years to come!
And now the main event - a game of rounders! In this picture Lifeboatman Scott shows off his hitting stance, much to the disapproval of Captain Dave!
Team TVLB/Lifeguard From Left to Right - (Back Row) Peter, Dan, Michael and Dave - (Front Row) Louis, Jason, Josh and Kerry.
Team Cullercoats Lifeboat. Boo. Hiss. I hear you call!
With the match about to begin - the Brigade foursome were probably discussing winning tactics but may well of just been deciding who was to get most wet!
The Lifeboatmen set an aggressive field.
Here, Peter can be seen before he hit his one and only rounder of the match!
Who says Brigade members can't run?! - Here Dan sets off like a bullet to claim one of his two rounders!
Captain Dave stands menacingly with rounder's bat in hand - he went on to be our star performer with three rounders and also ran out one of the Lifeboatmen when fielding - but was then subject to a 'late' shoulder barge that left him on the sand - but atleast he got the b**ger out! (His Words - not the T.V.L.B.'s!
After scoring a total of 17 points - the Lifeboatmen then took their turn batting - and this is where we will end the commetry as, quite simply, the Brigade, lost...considerbly!
But, as ever, it was the taking part the mattered and all competitors gathered for a group photo to mark the end to an excellent Harbour Day Festivities..

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