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The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade has two distinctive functions. As well as providing a 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year on call Coastal Rescue Team, we also run and maintain a free-to-view Watch House Museum situated at Spanish Battery, Tynemouth. The Brigade as a whole is controlled by a committee made up of serving or retired Brigade members all of whom have a vast knowledge of our history and are focused on ensuring the continued development and growth of the Brigade.

The Coastal Rescue Team is currently provided by a total of 20 Active Members & 2 Provisional Members. The day-to-day running of this team is the responsibility of three Brigade Captains who have operational control over the team. They are also responsible for ensuring that the Brigade equipment is suitable and in working condition and also liaise with other emergency and civil services to ensure strong working relationships exist to provide the best possible service while responding to incidents.

Apart from the three Captains, all other Brigade members are assigned to a section - red, white or blue. The sections are often used when the Brigade is searching for a missing person as a way of dividing into teams. Each section has a Section Leader who looks after his group when away from the direct control of a Captain. Section Leaders may also take over the running of an incident if a Brigade Captain is unable to attend.

All Brigade members, whether Captains, Section Leaders or just Members, are trained to a high standard in rope rescue, breeches buoy rescue, first aid, radio communications and a number of different skills that a Brigade member may need when on call or at a training exercise. Everybody is provided with Personal Protective Equipment in the form of a set of boots, a pair of overalls, a high-vis jacket, and most importantly of all, a woolly hat for those cold winter searches!

Below is further information on the 21 men and one woman who make up the Active side of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade.

Brigade Captains

Dave Bell

Callsign - Tynemouth 01

Peter Lilley

Callsign - Tynemouth 25

Dan Reed

Callsign - Tynemouth 30


Red Section


Callsign - Tynemouth 35

Red Section Leader

Dave Graham

Callsign - Tynemouth 08

Adam Duffy

Callsign - Tynemouth 31

Colin Mason

Callsign - Tynemouth 44

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Harry Harrison

Callsign - Tynemouth 55

Photo to follow...

David Collis

Callsign - Tynemouth 56

White Section

Photo to follow...

Louis Wallace

Callsign - Tynemouth 52

White Section Leader

Alan Graham

Callsign - Tynemouth 07

Norman Peters

Callsign - Tynemouth 18

Stuart Troupe

Callsign - Tynemouth 45

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Wayne Dobson

Callsign - Tynemouth 54


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James Strain

Provisional Member

Callsign - Tynemouth 58

Blue Section

Steve Lambert

Callsign - Tynemouth 40

Blue Section leader

Gordon Thompson

Callsign - Tynemouth 20

Bill Westall

Callsign - Tynemouth 22

John Wright

Callsign - Tynemouth 23

Brigade Secretary

Phil Hindle

Callsign - Tynemouth 43

Donna Robson

Callsign - Tynemouth 49

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Seb Littlewood

Provisional Member

Callsign - Tynemouth 57




The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade. Registered Charity Number 1093237

T.V.L.B. 2015