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Firstly some history: - Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade (TVLB) was the first ever volunteer rescue company in the UK formed in 1864, following a wreck where 32 people were seen to drown by a helpless crowd. Determined to do something about this a trained body of men was formed to be able "to render aid in times of maritime emergency" and TVLB was the result. With governmental approval the concept spread around the coastline eventually producing the Auxiliary Coast Guard service we have in the UK today.
Today, over 164 years later, TVLB is still in existence and still providing the service, it is now however in the form of a declared facility to HM Coastguard, Northumbria Police, Northumbria Fire and Rescue Service, and Northumbria Ambulance Service. TVLB provides the Coastguard presence at incidents on the coastline in the local area, Seaton Sluice in the North to Tynemouth in the South and inland on the north banks of the River Tyne to Newcastle. That said, the Brigade have recently been called out to assist in incidents North of Blyth and in the village of Warkworth during extreme flooding.

As TVLB is currently one of the busiest rescue companies within the East Sector, the whole of the East side of England from the Scottish borders to the South coast, we need a reliable vehicle. To facilitate this for the future TVLB have just created a fund to purchase a new Land Rover in the coming years.

This Callout Club is made up of a group of mostly local companies that have agreed to sponsor the TVLB an amount for each callout we undertake in the calendar year of 2011; the amount could be anything from £1 per callout upwards. The callouts we undertake are all generated by the public and other emergency services requesting help on the coast. TVLB are trying to use the service we provide to generate the monies required to keep us secure operationally into the future. There is now also the opportunity for individuals to become part of the callout club with a minimum donation of 50p per callout.

A guide to your commitment to the callout club, TVLB currently averages about 120 callouts per calendar year, therefore if your company or you as an indivdual sponsors us for £1 per callout the cost over the year would be £120 and so on depending on the amount. If we manage to get 100 companies or individuals sponsoring us for £1 per callout at 100 callouts per year we accumulate £12 000 per year which allows us to purchase a new Land Rover in 3 years (Yes, a new Land Rover costs about £30 000 with all the attachments we need).

As a Member of the Callout Club we would provide you with a framed certificate of membership, and every quarter (3 monthly) we would send you a list of the callouts we had undertaken, keeping you fully up to date on our activities. You would also have the knowledge that you are helping to save lives on the coast by supporting this registered charity and the work we undertake.

Thank You in advance for your participation in TVLB's Callout Club.

Further information on TVLB

TVLB provide the following full range of services required by HM Coastguard:

A full list of TVLB Callouts since 2001 are available by clicking here.

The total for the past ten years is 1212 Initial response team callouts and 96 full team callouts, an active captain controlled each of these callouts, the callouts include 171 helicopter landings, 120 searches for missing persons (from small children to nonagenarians), 196 rescues of persons injured or in danger (including several significant incidents were persons have fallen from cliffs or piers and suffered major injuries) and 450 collection of information or supporting other organisations and 207 false alarms (usually with good intent but some times malicious).

The callout rate of 120 per year, averages at about 2 per week, and can take from just a few minutes to several hours, however the calls are never evenly spaced, TVLB has had 8 calls in one day, 24 in a month and none for six weeks.

For further information or any assistance please e-mail calloutclub(at)tvlb(dot)org. We apologise for not adding the @ or dot signs ourselves but due to previous experiences with spammers we ask you to add them yourselves.

To download the callout club application form for a business please click here and to dowload the callout club application form for an individual please click here. This file is in Adobe pdf format.

Please send all completed forms to the following address:

Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade care of John Wright
2 Keswick Drive
Tyne and Wear
NE30 3EW

The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade. Registered Charity Number 1093237

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