T.V.L.B. Breeches Buoy

Training manuals

To access our manual which explains the use of the equipment in full please click HERE.

To access the orders the Officer in Charge will use during a Breeches Buoy demonstration and replies different members provide please click HERE.

To access a list of the numbers assigned to members and the different roles these individuals have please click HERE.

Video explanations of the different elements

The following seven short videos will introduce you to different elements of Breeches Buoy (please click on the title to access each video)

Introduction to Breeches Buoy

Installation of anchors and the use of a 'backer'

Use of the line thrower

Role of the whips and installation of the buoy

Jackstay and luff


Officer in Charge - explanation of role

Example of a Breeches Buoy Exercise

Filmed in 2017, the following is a real-time demonstration of an exercise with Tynemouth RNLI. The Lifeboat acts as the 'casualty' vessel. The video ends once the equipment has been set up and the buoy is on its way to the lifeboat. Please click HERE to access this video.

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