Last Updated 18/09/2019 - The brigade has responded to 106 Callouts so far this year

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The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade is a voluntary shore based coastal rescue service founded in 1864. We are a Declared Facility to HM Coastguard for Rope Rescue, Coastal Search and Rescue and one of the last remaining trained teams for Ship to Shore Breeches Buoy Rescue. Operating from our Watch House Museum in Tynemouth on the North East coast of England, we work closely with all the emergency services including the local RNLI, (to which we have no affiliation or connection apart from that they are a declared facility like ourselves). In recent years the Brigade has averaged over 120 callouts a year and these range from monitoring and gathering information on broken down boats to recovering cliff casualties from our coastline.

The Watch House Museum displays artefacts, pictures and relics from old shipwrecks chronicling the history of lifesaving on our coastline since 1864. Click on the link above for more information and opening times.

Date of Last Callout: 17th September 2019 - 13.39 - Deceased humpback whale - Whitley Bay

For information on contacting the Brigade or to find out the address of the musuem please use the link below

The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade. Registered Charity Number 1093237

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